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Libraries Connect because of the TDSRC 2012 (Summer Reading Club)

Connections made as a result of the TDSRC 2012

1. Prairie Tales and Alberta Culture Days celebration, Filmmakers Jesse and Xtine
presented on September 28 and they did a animation workshop at the Ermineskin Mall.

Film makers Zoe and Bailey presented Prairie Tales 13 and did a film making workshop at the Week 3 of TDSRC at the Ermineskin library.

2. IODE to provide $300/month for the Breakfast and Books book club

3. Students excited about reading by engaging students and the outcome was a display.

4. Community Partnerships with banks, local businesses, public sector, and government agencies

5. Promoting literacy by using TDSRC materials
• Grade 2a:
• Grade 3s:
• Grade 2d:
• Grade 2k:
• Grade 2l:

6. VIP visitor to our library during the Summer Reading Program was Ms. Patricia from Alberta Public Library Services Branch.

7. Encouraging volunteerism and creating capacity and I am seeing many volunteers emerging from the community.

8. Thank you notes writing skills and lesson plan blog was created to share with teachers, EAs, students, and librarians.

9. Reading is an essential skills day was celebrated on September 21, 2002 and books were distributed to First Nation families.

10. Ermineskin Reads to celebrate October as 'Libraries Connect' month.

11. INDIGO's Adopt a School campaign ran from September 16 to October 7th and this resulted in our library receiving more than 250 free new books for our students.

12. Watch the library connecting at the Soup Kitchen, mall, etc.

Canadian Library month theme is Libraries Connect

13. The library staff served dessert to parents on the Thanksgiving Day which was celebrated on October 5th and this connection was connecting by being visible, plus promote the Adopt a School campaign to parents.

14. Handouts about, 'Back to Basics How to Use the Library Effectively' were prepared and distributed to students and Education Assistants (EAs).

15. I am using my shelf marker campaign was launched for students as Peer to Peer Modelling library use behaviour.  If the book is my hand then the shelf marker is on the shelf.

16. Library staff connected with training needs assessment and were enrolled in the inventory management training.

17. Thanking all the public libraries who provided weeded books for FNs students and their families.

18. First Book Canada-TD Bank Grant to provide books for students.

19. Thank you notes written by students for donors of books: First Books, TD Bank and Frontier College.

20. Understanding the interests and knowledge about children's authors by our students helps librarians in collection development and opportunity for our students to win free books at the Book Fair.

22. More than 100 eyes viewed the weekly librarian's favourite book.

23. Scholastic Book Fair runs from October 18 to 31,  provides access to books and helps Canadian communities.

24. Clean the library book shelves day and student volunteering at the library.

25. Library is promoting First Nations writers and their works. We made shelf markers with the bookmarks of a book published by our Grade 3 teacher Erin Joseph.

26. Theresa Ermineskin is working with the students to develop a list of Cree words they know by doing a brainstorming group activity with them. Each time they did this she gave them a stamp to work towards an incentive. In the beginning, she only asked for twenty words from them. This was easily achieved so her students started challenging themselves by giving her way more than twenty Cree words. She created an incentive chart and it was filled. On October 24th, she hosted a celebration by providing a Pizza Party for two classes to celebrate their wonderful team effort. The two classes that are celebrating with pizzas are 3J-Erin Josephs class with 102 Cree words and 3/4M-Sandra Mah's class with 111 Cree words. All other classes still get a treat for their great efforts. The library connected by giving books to these two classes for celebrating their goals for learning the Cree words on October 24th at 11:30 am.

27. Intellimedia's Ermineskin Reads 2012 and book fair draw winners announced on  October 26

28. DEAR time to celebrate School Library week was on October 22

29. Class tour the book’s more than books on October 23

 30. Browsing, poster gallery, Wish list is interesting literature and reading prices are numeracy skills as well as the whole experience is a systematic shopping simulation on October 24

31. Book Fair Shoppers on the family fun night October 25


32.  Library supplied bookmarks and books for the Family Fun Literacy drop-in event on October 25th from 4 to 7:30 pm.

33. Draws conducted by VP Doris Auger on October 26th
34.  Book Fair draw winners announced on October 26th

 35.  Ermineskin Reads - slips update on October 28                               !/2012/10/reading-slips-filled-by-students.html

 36. Spider books and novel study collection offered by the library  to teachers

37. Library helped promote Rock School Live show by Samson High school students at the Ermineskin mall on October 26 and donated books as door prizes for their Halloween concert on October 30.

38. Shopping at recess

39. Wanted books    wish list of our students

40. Activity books at the book fair

41. Bookmarks and poster gallery

42. AR Reading coach

43. Thanking our four main gift certificate donors


44. A-Z literacy cards

45. Cat’s position concept

46. Cereal box activities

47. TD Bank - First books help etablish home libraries for FNs families

48. Book Bins ready for distribution

Friday, 26 October 2012

Announcing Book Fair draw winners on October 26

Announcing Book Fair draw winners

Family event draws
Tryon Simon 4E
Zade Smallboy Zorthian 5S
(Thank you Scholastic and Councilor Samuel Minde for donating the prizes)
(80 ballots filled by a family member at the book fair.)

Student draws
Lathaniel Rabbit 3/4M
Odessa Mackniaw 4E
Allen Firingstoney 3/4M
Ken Moonias 6K
(Thank you Intellimedia for donating the prizes)
(178 reading slips filled by students. Students like books which are funny, true stories, hockey, animal and learn to draw and make things.)

Teacher draw
Suzette Jeremiah
(Thank you Scholastic for donating the prizes.)
(6 ballots)

Draws conducted by Ms. Doris Auger on October 26.

Thank you everyone for promoting reading.

 Family winner

 Student winner
 Teacher winner

Thursday, 18 October 2012

First Nations author and teacher Erin Joseph

Library is promoting First Nations writers and their works. We made shelf markers with the bookmarks of a book published by our Grade 3 teacher Erin Joseph. The librarian was given a tour of the classroom, puppet collection and the classroom library. This also helps librarians to help teachers and fosters healthy working relationships.

Book Fair provides access to books

 Book Fair runs from October 18 to 31. 

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