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Intellmedia's Ermineskin Reads 2012 proposal

Intellmedia's Ermineskin Reads 2012

Rationale: October is Libraries Connect month.

People! Ideas! Communities! Information! Canada's libraries foster connections between people, ideas, communities, and information. In October, these connections will be celebrated during Canadian Library Month. The theme, Libraries Connect, highlights how libraries enable people to connect with others, foster the development of ideas, and promote the growth of strong communities. For generations, libraries and librarians have worked at the grass roots level, providing access to current information, bringing forward new programs and ideas to share, leading and supporting communities as they grow.

While always evolving to meet the needs of the communities and provide access to varieties of formats for different learning styles, etc., libraries continue to be at the centre of their communities, a place where people learn, engage and connect with each other.

Scholastic Book Fairs-Ermineskin's contribution to the community: The Ermineskin Elementary school library hosts three book fairs in a year. The goal is to help students build their home libraries. Each book fair raises around $4000 in sales revenue. Our third book fair was Buy 1, Get 1 Free, was hosted in May 2012 and raised $1,776. Scholastic Book Fairs donated 50% of this amount in books on behalf of our school to a designated children's hospital as part of their partnership with Children's Miracle Network as well as to Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies. This helps our students become lifelong learners and compassionate community builders.

1. To learn about the favourite books of our students
2. To know how many books our students have access to at home
3. To encourage students to buy books at the library's book fair
4. To build relationship with supplier Scholastic as a donor (Scholastic is one the suppliers shortlisted to ask for money for the playground.)
5. To compile a reading interest inventory and use this data for collection development
6. To facilitate development of writing skills
7. To promote reading

How it works:
• Students to fill, 'Ermineskin Reads' Slip: October 5
• Draw and winners announced by Intellimedia: October 25-26
• Students to use the prize gift certificate to shop at the book fair: October 26-30

• Launch and start date for students to fill the Reading slip: October 5th
• End date of the draw to fill the Reading Slip: October 25
• Draws conducted by Intellimedia team: October 25, 4 pm
• Student winners announced on: October 26
• Students to shop at the book fair: October 26 to 30

When and where the students will be filling the 'Ermineskin Reads' Book Fair slips?
During the class visits to the library

Who is donating the gift certificates for the students?
Four $25 gift certificates to shop at the library's book fair, which runs from October 18 to 31 are provided by Intellimedia.

Reading Slip to be filled by students:

Ermineskin Reads Book Fair

Tell us about your favourite book?



Why is this your favourite book? (Write a couple of sentences.)



How many books do you have at home?__________

Student name:________ Class: ________

Four draws will be conducted on October 25th. The prize is a $25 gift certificate to shop for books at the library's book fair any time during October 26-30, 2012. Enter to win books.

Approved by the school principal on: October 2, 2012

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